Tools developed at the Telematics Group. 

  • P1906: recommended practice for nanoscale and molecular communication framework
  • LTE Simulator, an open source simulator for LTE networks
  • CCN Joker,  a new fully customizable and open source emulation platform for Content Centric Networking.
  • Nano-sim: simulating electromagnetic-based nano sensor networks in NS-3
  • TLSensing: open source framework for IoT real time monitoring 
  • openwsn-sec-extension: open source code for secure communications with OpenWSN protocol stack 
  • IoT Security: a lightweight Key Management Protocol for IoT real time communications
  • IIoT end-to-end Security: a Public Key Authentication and Key Agreement protocol for IIoT devices with minimal airtime consumption
  • ICN Baseline Scenarios: ndnSIM scripts reproducing baseline scenarios presented into the ICNRG Internet Draft "Information-centric Networking: Baseline Scenarios"
  • DeSRTO, an effective algorithm for SRTO detection in TCP connections
  • Ns-2 IEEE 802.11e module; (with also FBDS and PI-FBDS implementations)
  • WiMAX module for ns-3
  • LTE module for ns-3