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Full Professors

Pietro Camarda
Gennaro Boggia
Alfredo Grieco

Associate Professors

Assistant Professors

Giuseppe Piro
Domenico Striccoli

Ph.D. Students

Pietro Boccadoro
Giovanni Valecce
Paolo Benedetti
Sergio Martiradonna
Vittoria Musa
Arcangela Rago
Awais Shah
Giovanni Iacovelli
Antonio Suriano

Research Assistants

Giovanni Grieco
Giuseppe Iaffaldano
Antonio Petrosino
Giancarlo Sciddurlo
Pasquale Ventrella

Technical Assistants

Manuela Ingrosso
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CCN-Java Opensource Kit EmulatoR”(CCN-Joker)

CCN-Joker is a new fully customizable and open source emulation platform for Content Centric Networking. It allows the emulation of the basic aspects of a CCN, such as the handling of Interest and Data packets, as well as cache sizing and replacement policies. The CCN-Joker rationale entails an application-level overlay that can be applied to both emulation-based analyses and real experiments. It is composed by several modules interacting with the data structures which a CCN node is commonly made of. Thanks to its modular structures, it could be easily upgraded in the future to support further CCN properties and enhancements.

Undestanding CCN-Joker

More details on CCN-Joker are also available in this publication (if you use CCN-Joker, please, cite it in your scientific works):

I Cianci, L.A. Grieco, and G. Boggia," CCN - Java Opensource Kit EmulatoR for Wireless Ad Hoc Networks", 7th ACM Int. Conf. on Future Internet Technologies, Seoul, Korea, Sept., 2012.

Getting CCN-Joker

To use CCN-Joker please download it and enjoy!

If you need to edit the source code, you can use Eclipse. To import the project, follow File → Import → General → Existing project into Workspace → and select the Joker folder!