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Publications in 2020
Laura Romeo, Antonio Petitti, Roberto Colella, Giovanni Valecce, Pietro Boccadoro, Annalisa Milella, and Luigi Alfredo Grieco," Automatic Deployment of IoT Networks in Outdoor Scenarios using an Unmanned Ground Vehicle", Proceedings of the 21st IEEE 2020 International Conference on Industrial Technology (ICIT2020), Buenos Aires, 2020.
Publications in 2019
Angelo Altamura, Francesco Inchingolo, Gianvito Mevoli, and Pietro Boccadoro," SAFE: Smart helmet for Advanced Factory Environment", Internet Technology Letters, vol. 0, no. ja, pp. e86, 2019 .
Gianfranco Micoli, Pietro Boccadoro, Giovanni Valecce, Antonio Petitti, Roberto Colella, Annalisa Milella, and Luigi Alfredo Grieco," ASAP: a decentralized slot reservation policy for dynamic 6TiSCH Networks in Industrial IoT", 4th Convergent Internet of Things (C-IoT), IEEE ICC 2019, Shangai, Cina, May, 2019 .
G. Grieco, R. Artuso, P. Boccadoro, G. Piro, and L.A. Grieco," An Open Source and System-Level Simulator for the Internet of Drones", Proc. of IEEE International Workshop on Internet of Mobile Things (IoMT), in conjunction with PIMRC 2019, Istanbul, Turkey, Sep., 2019 .
Giovanni Valecce, Gianfranco Micoli, Pietro Boccadoro, Antonio Petitti, Roberto Colella, Annalisa Milella, and Luigi Alfredo Grieco," Robotic-aided Internet of Things: automated deployment of a 6TiSCH Network using an Unmanned Ground Vehicle", IET Wireless Sensor Systems, 2019, To be published .
P. Boccadoro, B. Montaruli, and L.A. Grieco," QuakeSense, a LoRa-compliant Earthquake Monitoring Open System", Proc. of IEEE/ACM 23rd International Symposium on Distributed Simulation and Real Time Applications (DS-RT) (DS-RT'19), Cosenza, Italy, October, 2019.
Antonio Petitti, Roberto Colella, Annalisa Milella, Tiziana D'Orazio, Laura Romeo, Pietro Boccadoro, Giovanni Valecce, and Luigi Alfredo and Grieco," A Robotic-aided IoT System for Automatic Deployment of 6TiSCH Networks", 1a Conferenza Italiana di Robotica e Macchine Intelligenti (I-RIM), Rome, Italy, October, 2019 .
Giulia Tresca, Francesco Vista, and Pietro Boccadoro," Experimenting LoRa-compliant solutions in Real-World Scenarios", Internet Technology Letters, no. ja, 2019 .
Publications in 2018
Donatello Costantino, Giovanni Malagnini, Francesco Carrera, Alessandra Rizzardi, Pietro Boccadoro, Sabrina Sicari, and Luigi Alfredo Grieco," Solving Interoperability within the Smart Building: a Real Test-Bed", 3rd Convergent Internet of Things (C-IoT), IEEE ICC 2018, Kansas City, MO, USA, May, 2018 .
Mauro Losciale, Pietro Boccadoro, Giuseppe Piro, Giuseppe Ribezzo, Luigi Alfredo Grieco, and Nicola Blefari-Melazzi," A novel ICN-based communication bus for Intelligent Transportation Systems", Information Centric Networking Solutions for Real World Applications (ICN-SRA), IEEE ICC 2018, Kansas City, MO, USA, May, 2018 .
Pietro Boccadoro, Mauro Losciale, Giuseppe Piro, and Luigi Alfredo Grieco," A standard-compliant and information-centric communication platform for the Internet of Drones", Proc. of European Wireless (EW), Catania, Italy, May, 2018 .
M. Pulpito, P. Fornarelli, C. Pomo, P. Boccadoro, and L.A. Grieco," On fast prototyping LoRaWAN: a cheap and open platform for daily experiments", IET Wireless Sensor Systems, 2018 .
S. Borreggine, P. Serafino, and P. Boccadoro," Indoor Proximity Detection: the Case Study of a Smart Pet Door", Internet Technology Letters, no. ja, pp. e64, June, 2018 .
Pietro Di Gennaro, Domenico Lofu', Daniele Vitanio, Pietro Tedeschi, and Pietro Boccadoro," WaterS: a Sigfox-compliant prototype for water monitoring", Internet Technology Letters, pp. e74, September, 2018 .
Piero Boccadoro, Giuseppe Piro, Domenico Striccoli, and Luigi Alfredo Grieco," Experimental comparison of Industrial Internet of Things protocol stacks in Time Slotted Channel Hopping scenarios", Proc. of IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC), Kansas City, MO, USA, May, 2018 .
Publications in 2017
V. Scilimati, A. Petitti, P. Boccadoro, R. Colella, D. Di Paola, A. Milella, and L.A. Grieco," Industrial Internet of Things at work: a case study analysis in Robotic-aided environmental monitoring", IET Wireless Sensor Systems, June, 2017, .
Publications in 2016
P. Boccadoro, M. Barile, G. Piro, and L. A. Grieco," Energy consumption analysis of TSCH-enabled platforms for the Industrial-IoT", Proc. of IEEE International Forum on Research and Technologies for Society and Industry Leveraging a better tomorrow (RTSI), Bologna, Italy, Sep., 2016 .
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