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Publications in 2021
Publications in 2000
G. Boggia, P. Camarda, P. L. Mazzeo, and M. Mongiello," Multicast distribution for multimedia on demand services", Proceedings of ICCCT 2000, pp. 1236--1243, Beijing, China, Aug., 2000.
Publications in 1999
P. Arseni, G. Boggia, and P. Camarda," Dynamic channel allocation in wideband cellular communication networks", Proceedings of ICC '99, Vancouver, Canada, Jun., 1999.
G. Boggia and P. Camarda," Modeling user mobility in multicellular telecommunication systems", Proceedings of SPECTS'99, Chicago (IL), USA, Jul., 1999.
G. Boggia and P. Camarda," Analytical model for cellular communication networks with dynamic channel allocation", Proceedings of EPMCC'99, pp. 185--190, Paris, France, Mar., 1999.
Publications in 1998
G. Boggia and P. Camarda," Performance of dynamic channel allocation in an urban cordless system with {DECT} standard", Proceedings of SoftCOM'98, pp. 439--448, Spalato-Bari-Dubrovnik, Croatia-Italy, Oct., 1998.
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