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Publications in 2021
Publications in 2002
S. Mascolo, L. A. Grieco, and P. Camarda," Performance Evaluation of {TCP} over satellite paths", Proceedings of the 5th European Workshop on Mobile/Personal Satcoms {(EMPS2002)}, pp. 197-204, Baveno-Stresa, Lake Maggiore, Italy, September, 2002.
L. A. Grieco, S. Mascolo, and E. Di Sciascio," A Mathematical Model for the Steady State Throughput of the Westwood {TCP} Congestion Control Algorithm", Proceedings of the 24th International Conference Information Technology Interfaces {(ITI 2002)}, vol. 1, pp. 487-492, Cavtat, Croatia, June, 2002.
L. A. Grieco, S. Mascolo, and G. Piscitelli," Robust End-To-End Bandwidth Estimate in {TCP/IP} Congestion Control", Atti del {XL} CONGRESSO ANNUALE {AICA} 2002 , pp. 613-626, Conversano (Ba), Italy, Settembre, 2002.
Publications in 2001
G. Grassi and L. A. Grieco," Object-Oriented Image Analysis using the {CNN} Universal Machine: Motion Compensation, Image Synthesis and Consistency Observation", Proceedings of the {IEEE} 15th European Conference on Circuit Theory and Design, pp. 105-108, Espoo, Finland, August, 2001.
S. Mascolo, E. Di Sciascio, and L. A. Grieco," End-to-End Congestion Control and Bandwidth Estimation in High Speed {ATM} Networks", Proceedings of the {IEEE} 23rd International Conference on Information Technology Interfaces {(ITI 2001)}, pp. 57-62, Pula, Croatia, June, 2001.
Publications in 2000
S. Mascolo, L. A. Grieco, E. Di Sciascio, and M. Gerla," End to End Congestion Control and Bandwidth Measurement in High Speed ATM Networks", Proceedings of the IEEE Conference on High Performance Switching and Routing ATM 2000, pp. 149-156, Heidelberg, Germany, June, 2000.
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