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Publications in 2021
Publications in 2019
Pietro Tedeschi, Giuseppe Piro, Jose Antonio Sanchez Murillo, Nemanja Ignjatov, Michal Pilc, Kaspar Lebloch, and Gennaro Boggia," Blockchain as a Service: securing bartering functionalities in the H2020 symbIoTe framework", Internet Technology Letters (Wiley), 1, vol. 1, pp. 1-6, Jan., 2019, doi: 10.1002/itl2.72 .
Publications in 2018
Gino Carrozzo, Matteo Pardi, Pietro Tedeschi, Giuseppe Piro, Mikolaj Dobski, Konrad Leszczyski, Alessandro Carminati, and Matteo Di Fraia," Interoperation of IoT platforms in confined Smart Spaces: the symbIoTe Smart Space Architecture", Proc. of IEEE International Conference on Internet of Things: Systems, Management and Security (IoTSMS), Valencia, Spain, Oct., 2018.
Pietro Tedeschi, Giuseppe Piro, and Gennaro Boggia," When Blockchain Makes Ephemeral Keys Authentic: a Novel Key Agreement Mechanism in the IoT World", Proc. of IEEE Global Communications Conference, Workshops: Blockchain in IoT (GLOBECOM, WS - BCIoT), Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, Dec., 2018 .
Pietro Di Gennaro, Domenico Lofu', Daniele Vitanio, Pietro Tedeschi, and Pietro Boccadoro," WaterS: a Sigfox-compliant prototype for water monitoring", Internet Technology Letters, pp. e74, September, 2018 .
S. Sciancalepore, G. Piro, P. Tedeschi, G. Boggia, and G. Bianchi," Multi-Domain Access Rights Composition in Federated {IoT} Platforms", Proc. of ACM Workshop on Recent advances in secure management of data and resources in the IoT (RED-IOT), in conjunction with EWSN 2018, Madrid, Spain, Feb., 2018.
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