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Giovanni Iacovelli, Pietro Boccadoro, and Luigi Alfredo Grieco," An Optimization Approach to {Energy-Efficient} {UAV} Communications in Cellular Networks", European Wireless 2021 (EW 2021), Verona, Italy, nov, 2021.

In the Internet of Drones (IoD) architecture, both drone-to-drone and drone-to-ground communications may take place, depending on the application scenario. In this context, 5G can play a key role given its native support to high speed and low latency communications. However, in real scenarios, several constraints arise related to energy, kinematics, and connectivity. In this work, a relevant use case is considered, involving an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) that surveys specific areas to acquire high-resolution video signals. Before the mission ends, it delivers gathered data to a ground control infrastructure, through Base Stations (BSs) deployed in the region. The model envisions mission accomplishment and communication reliability in terms of Out-of-Service (OoS) probabilities. All of the above leads to a Mixed-Integer Non-Linear Fractional Programming (MINLFP) problem, which is hard to solve. The solution presented in this work is based on a novel optimization framework that designs an energy-efficient mission plan. The goal is achieved through Block Coordinate Descendent (BCD) and Successive Convex Approximation (SCA) techniques, combined with Dinkelbach's Algorithm. Simulation results demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposal in terms of energy efficiency and data rate.

Internet of Drones; Optimization; Cellular Networks; Modeling Techniques

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