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Other Projects

International cooperation
  • A de-verticalized machine-to-machine platform for smart building applications”. Galileo 2015-2016 (12 months)
  • Pre-commercial trials of 5G technology using spectrum in the 3.6 GHz-3.8 GHz range - Area Milano
COST Projects - funded by European Union
  • COST Action IC0703 Data Traffic Monitoring and Analysis (TMA): theory, techniques, tools and applications for the future networks"
National Operative Program – Research and Competitiveness 2007-2013
  • RES NOVAE: reti edifici strade nuovi obiettivi virtuosi per l'ambiente e l'energia. Years 2012-2015 (36 months)
  • DSS: Decision Support System for emergency management in marine environments. Years 2011-2013 (36 months).
  • ERMES: Enhance Risk Management through Extended Sensors. Years 2011-2013 (36 months).
Strategic Projects - funded by Apulia Region
  • PS 121: Telecommunication Facilities and Wireless Sensor Networks in Emergency Management. Years 2006-2010 (36+9 months).
  • PS 025: ICT supporting logistic services: a model of organized market. Years 2009-2012 (36 months).
  • PS 092: Distributed Production to Innovative System - DIPIS. Years 2006-2010 (36+9 months).
Apulia Region Projects
  • Innovative models for mechatronic systems. Years 2009-2011 (18 months). 
  • E-SHELF: Electronic Shopping & Home delivery of Edible goods with Low environmental Footprint Years: 2018-2020 (18 months)
Del. CIPE 20/04, DM01. Apulia Region Operative Program 2000-2006
  • Monitoring and Adaptive Control – Mobility of dangerous material. Years 2007-2008.
  • Digital video broadcasting platform for TV services with high social impact. Years 2007-2008.
  • Robotic Systems for Micro Assembly,” in cooperation with Masmec S.r.l – Italy. Years 2006-2007.
Apulia Region Explorative Projects
  • ICT Technologies for tracking food farming with RFID tags. Year 2007
  • ICT Technologies for tourist assistance based on an interactive virtual guide. Year 2007
Accordo di programma Quadro in materia di e-government e società dell'informazione - Regione Puglia
  • SICOWAI: SIstemi di COmunicazione Wireless per Automazione Industriale. In collaborazione con Masmec S.r.l. Years 2006-2007 (18 months).
  • TANGO: Traffic models and Algorithms for Next Generation IP networks Optimization. Years 2001-2003.
Thanks to: Aurora, Christian, Daniele & Piero