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CCN Joker

CCN-Java Opensource Kit EmulatoR”(CCN-Joker)

CCN-Joker is a new fully customizable and open source emulation platform for Content Centric Networking. It allows the emulation of the basic aspects of a CCN, such as the handling of Interest and Data packets, as well as cache sizing and replacement policies. The CCN-Joker rationale entails an application-level overlay that can be applied to both emulation-based analyses and real experiments. It is composed by several modules interacting with the data structures which a CCN node is commonly made of. Thanks to its modular structures, it could be easily upgraded in the future to support further CCN properties and enhancements.

Undestanding CCN-Joker

More details on CCN-Joker are also available in this publication (if you use CCN-Joker, please, cite it in your scientific works):

I Cianci, L.A. Grieco, and G. Boggia," CCN - Java Opensource Kit EmulatoR for Wireless Ad Hoc Networks", 7th ACM Int. Conf. on Future Internet Technologies, Seoul, Korea, Sept., 2012.

Getting CCN-Joker

To use CCN-Joker please download it and enjoy!

If you need to edit the source code, you can use Eclipse. To import the project, follow File → Import → General → Existing project into Workspace → and select the Joker folder!
Thanks to: Aurora, Christian, Daniele & Piero