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Full Professors

Pietro Camarda
Gennaro Boggia
Alfredo Grieco

Associate Professors

Assistant Professors

Giuseppe Piro
Domenico Striccoli

Ph.D. Students

Paolo Benedetti
Sergio Martiradonna
Vittoria Musa
Arcangela Rago
Awais Shah
Giovanni Iacovelli
Giancarlo Sciddurlo
Antonio Petrosino
Simona Massari
Nicholas Mirizzi
Francesco Vista

Research Assistants

Giovanni Grieco
Carmine Tarsia

Technical Assistants

Ilenia Mancini
Fabiana Piacente
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From Bilbao to Oslo, intermodal mobility solutions, interfaces and applications for people and goods, supported by an innovative communication network. years 2015-2018 (36 months).

The BONVOYAGE project aims at designing, developing and testing a platform optimizing multimodal door-to-door transport of passengers and goods. The platform integrates travel information, planning and ticketing services, by automatically analysing non-real-time data from heterogeneous databases (on road, railway and urban transport systems); real-time measured data (traffic, weather forecasts); user profiles; user feedback.

The platform is supported by an innovative “information-centric” communication network that collects and distributes all the data required. The highly heterogeneous, distributed and mobile nature of data, coming from data-centers, sensors, vehicles, goods and people on the move, calls for an innovative networking paradigm. Current networks limit themselves to “just” providing communication channels between hosts. Our paradigm, called Internames, allows communications among entities identified by names, without the constraint of a static binding to a particular location.

The following pages describe the main objectives of the project, expected benefits and impact, the main research activities, the current status of the project roadmap and related projects and initiatives.

For more info, please visit dedicated website.
Thanks to: Aurora, Christian, Daniele & Piero