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Giovanni Grieco
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Ilenia Mancini
Fabiana Piacente
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A common framework greatly aids in developing useful simulators for nanoscale communication. It includes interconnecting systems of multiple types of nanoscale simulators. A common abstract model enables theoretical progress to proceed from different disciplines with a common language. This framework serves as a recommended practice for additional nanoscale networking standards as industry becomes more involved.This recommended practice contains a conceptual model and a standard terminology for ad hoc network communication at the nanoscale.
This recommended practice also contains:
  1. a definition of nanoscale networking
  2. a conceptual model for ad hoc nanoscale networking
  3. common terminology for nanoscale networking, including:
    • a definition of a nanoscale channel highlighting the fundamental differences from a macroscale channel
    • abstract nanoscale channel interfaces with nanoscale systems
    • performance metrics common to ad hoc nanoscale communication networks
    • a mapping between nanoscale and traditional communication networks, including necessary high level components such as a map of major components: coding and packets, addressing, routing, localization, layering, reliability.
The source code is available here:
Thanks to: Aurora, Christian, Daniele & Piero