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Digital Twins

Digital Twins (DTs) and, by extension, their application on entire networks, Network Digital Twins (NDTs), are enabling technologies able to overcome the challenges of the Beyond 5G ecosystem. By creating digital counterparts of processes and entities that evolve with them through time, they play a pivotal role in the design, monitoring, and service delivery within the next-generation networks. Through Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms, it is possible to make predictions and proactively detect failures without compromising physical infrastructures. Furthermore, Network Digital Twins can serve as testbeds for new services and configurations, as well as tools to ensure the integrity and security of these networks.
In this scenario, it is a critical research topic designing and testing solutions for multi-domain networks that envision resource and service orchestrators and solve security, synchronization, and NDT communication issues.


  • Support the end-to-end multi-domain service provisioning
  • Enable tests and deployment of new configurations and services

Main activities

  • Design of an NDT-based architecture, for the resource and service orchestration and network management
  • Investigation of enabling technologies and methodologies to collect, process data for the creation of DTs and ensure their synchronization and security
  • Definition of orchestration and optimization algorithms for the E2E service provisioning