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LTE-Sim is an open source framework to simulate LTE networks

IoD-Sim is an open-source simulation tool useful to study typical Internet of Drones scenarios in different operational conditions

5G-air-simulator: an open-source tool modeling the 5G air interface

TLSensing is an IoT-based measurement system for aerial vehicles developed within the TelematicsLAB

OpenWSN-FN is an open source code extending the OpenWSN protocol stack to enable EB sending by using channel hopping


Other tools

open source code for secure communications with OpenWSN protocol stack

A lightweight Key Management Protocol for IoT real time communications

IIoT end-to-end Security
A Public Key Authentication and Key Agreement protocol for IIoT devices with minimal airtime consumption

Decentralized and multi-authority access control scheme in federated and cloud-assisted Cyber-Physical Systems

ICN Baseline Scenarios
ndnSIM scripts reproducing baseline scenarios presented into the ICNRG Internet Draft “Information-centric Networking: Baseline Scenarios”

An effective algorithm for SRTO detection in TCP connections

Ns-2 IEEE 802.11e module (with also FBDS and PI-FBDS implementations)

WiMAX module for ns-3

LTE module for ns-3

CCN Joker