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FURTHER: Future, Rivoluzionarie Tecnologie per velivoli più Elettrici

Years 2018-2020 (30 months)

As a result of the project will be developed up to TRL3: Hybrid-electric propulsion technologies for helicopters, new integrated concepts for general aviation, immune system control systems based on distributed architectures, systems based on distributed architectures, multi-core controllers, propulsion system sensors for weight reduction, increased security, and the implementation of advanced diagnostic and prognostic capabilities.

Telematics Lab is involved in WP3.4 Communication Protocols. Specifically, the task 3.4 aims at (i) analyzing the requirements of applications and services of an avionic system; (ii) characterize technologies, with particular reference to emerging innovative standards in the Internet of Things; (iii) develop an innovative communication architecture that supports secure exchange in a flight system; and (iv) analyze performance and refine the proposals through open source simulator, analytical models and / or experimental tests. Starting from the requirements analysis and the characterization of an avionic system, an innovative communication architecture will be designed to support the exchange of data between heterogeneous devices (sensors / actuators) and entities used to control and monitor the flight system. By leveraging open standards in the avionics and Internet of Things, these solutions will integrate heterogeneous communication technologies into a distributed system, guaranteeing quality, bandwidth, energy efficiency and security. Innovative methodologies for optimized use of network resources in critical situations will be defined. It will follow the performance analysis and refinement of the solutions proposed by open source simulator, analytical models and / or experimental tests.