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GUARD: A cyber-security framework to GUArantee Reliability and trust for Digital service chains

Years 2019-2021 (36 months).

Innovation Action Topic: SU-ICT-01-2018 “Dynamic countering of cyber-attacks”

Sub-topic A: Cyber-attacks management – advanced assurance and protection


  • Security Chaining: Design a holistic framework for advanced end-to-end assurance and protection of business service chains, by assessing the level of trustworthiness of the involved services and tracing data propagation.
  • Context Middleware: Improve the detection of attacks and identification of new threats, by applying real time and/or offline machine learning and other artificial intelligence mechanisms to large datasets collected from heterogeneous services in multiple administrative and technical domains.
  • Programmability: Fine-grained, programmable and low-overhead monitoring, inspection, and enforcement, by leveraging “programmability” to shape the granularity of context information to the actual needs.
  • Guard’s User Tools: Improve awareness and reaction, by developing user tools for visualisation, notification, configuration, investigation, mitigation.
  • Business Planning: Development of new business models for commercial exploitation, leveraging different exploitation models (i.e., products, integrated solutions, support services).
  • Commercial Exploitation: We identify business opportunities and initiate tangible actions for successful commercial exploitation after the project lifetime, by bringing GUARD products and services close to the market.


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