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Information Centric Networking (ICN)

The emerging Information-Centric Networking paradigm recently gained worldwide the attention of academia and industrial research communities, thanks to its inherent ability to support upcoming technologies and services beyond the current host-centric Internet rationale. Research activities in this context include the design of innovative methodologies and communication architectures for multimedia, transportation, smart city, and Internet of Things services, the investigation of publish-subscribe communication strategies supporting the mobility of both consumers and producers, the design and the optimization of routing protocols, and the development of analytical models for the analysis of performance of data-centric communication protocols and architectures. In addition, Telematics Lab is also involved in standardization activities in the IRTF ICNRG Working Group.


Information-Centric Networking enables data-centric communication in future internet architectures

Main activities

  • Design of communication architectures for Internet of Things services.
  • Development of analytical models for the analysis of the performance of data-centric communication protocols.