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MOST (National Center for Sustainable Mobility)

Years 2023-2025 (36 months)

MOST is born from a collaboration between 25 universities and related research centers, and 24 large companies active in the field of mobility and infrastructure, with the aim to accompany the green and digital transition of the sector from a sustainable perspective, ensuring industrial transition and supporting local institutions in the implementation of modern, sustainable and inclusive solutions.

The WP3 (System Monitoring and Control) activities focus on the challenges of monitoring, also in real-time, the status of the transport services together with the time-varying demand from the users and their level and modality of interaction with the transport services and Mobility As A Service (MaaS) system. To this aim, the activities encompass the experimentation of different technologies, including: IoT and CPS systems to communicate with the transport vehicles and road side units, probes installed on users’ apps, video cameras, sniffing devices, open APIs for extracting information from the different systems involved in the MaaS solution. Edge and cloud computing solutions will be leveraged to support the resilience of the monitoring and control infrastructure. Then a careful design of the hardware platform for vehicle2control centers communication is needed. Different forms of simulation and emulation as well as real testbeds in controlled environments will also be experimented to evaluate the viability, adequacy, and effectiveness of potential control actions, influencing the state and evolution of subsystems of the overall MaaS.