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Social Internet of Things (SIoT)

The Social Internet of Things (SIoT) is a paradigm born to provide information of interest and discover services smartly without human intervention, so as to overcome some of the most important challenges of IoT networks, such as scalability and heterogeneity of systems. Social Objects are able to establish social relationships with each other based on the social relationships of their owners in Online Social Networks (OSNs). In such a scenario, providing security and reliability of the service is an important research topic. Furthermore, considering the malicious behaviour that some Social Objects might have, the problem of trust assessment remains of paramount importance.


  • IoT objects can establish heterogeneous social relationships to offer new and advanced services.
  • Service discovery and provisioning must guarantee high security levels.
  • Given the malicious behavior of some social objects, trust assessment remains of fundamental importance.

Main activities

  • Design and develop innovative and secure architectures and communication protocols for the Social Internet of Things
  • Investigation of novel resource capability-aware Trust Management Systems for SIoT environment to grant trusted services with a high Quality of Experience