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Cyber and Network Security

Security is of paramout importance for Internet of Things, Industrial Internet of Things, and cloud-based architectures. In this context, the Telematics Lab achieved consolidated research skills useful to define and implement distributed security architectures offering, also in federated and multi-authority scenarios, decoupled authentication and privacy-oriented authorization (i.e., Attribute-Based Access Control with ephemeral user identities) services, lightweight key agreement mechanisms, blockchain-enabled solutions, and flexible architectures providing dynamic and adaptable confidentiality requirements.


Distributed communication infrastructures requires new paradigms aiming to fulfill the main security issues:

    • Mutual trustworthiness.
    • Identification and mitigation of advanced threats.
    • Identity and access control management.
    • Propagation of sensitive data need to be addressed.

This prove the importance of designing and implementing heterogeneous security services for distributed systems.

Main activities

Designing and implementing distributed security architectures offering:

  • Decoupled authentication, Attribute-Based Access Control with ephemeral user identities services
  • Dynamic and adaptable confidentiality requirements
  • Privacy-oriented data dissemination based on searchable encryption.
  • Secure digital service chains