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Agnese Ventrella
Husnain Sherazi


Alessandro Grassi
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DeSRTO, an effective algorithm for SRTO detection in TCP connections

DeSRTO is a tool and an algorithm to detect Spurious Retransmission Timeouts in TCP connections.
It is able to work in presence of packet reordering, small windows, and other cases where competitors fail. Except for rare cases that are not classifiable with absolute certainty at all, the algorithm shows no ambiguous nor erroneous detections. In order to understand its behaviour, please refer to the following paper:

Antonio Barbuzzi, Gennaro Boggia, and Luigi Alfredo Grieco", DeSRTO: an effective algorithm for SRTO detection in TCP connections", Proc. of Traffic Monitoring and Analysis Workshop, TMA, Zurich, Switzerland, Apr., 2010