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OpenWSN Fast Synchronization

This page is dedicated to openwsn-FS, an open source code extending the OpenWSN protocol stack to enable EB sending by using channel hopping

Download openwsn-FS
- The firmware, which runs on the motes, based on the develop branch OpenWSN 1.4.0:
- The software, which runs on your computer:

Reference scientific papers
- E. Vogli, G. Ribezzo, L. A. Grieco, and G. Boggia,"Fast network joining algorithms in industrial IEEE 802.15.4 deployments", Ad Hoc Networks (Elsevier), no. 69, pp. 65 - 75, 2018
- E. Vogli, G. Ribezzo, L. A. Grieco, and G. Boggia," Fast Join and Synchronization Schema in the {IEEE 802.15.4e MAC}", Proc. of IEEE Wireless Commun. and Networking Conf.,WCNC, Workshop on Energy Efficiency in the Internet of Things, and Internet of Things for Energy Efficiency, E2IoT, New Orleans, LA, USA, Mar., 2015.

For any problems, contact Questo indirizzo email è protetto dagli spambots. È necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo.

Enjoy openwsn-FS!

Telematics Research Group - Politecnico di Bari (IT)
Thanks to: Aurora, Christian, Daniele & Piero