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IoD-Sim è un tool di simulazione open-source che consente di studiare scenari di comunicazione Internet of Drones in diverse condizioni operative.

Come ottenere IoD-Sim

Il codice sorgente di IoD-Sim può essere liberamente scaricato a questo link.

Istruzioni per la compilazione con i Containers

Containers are easy to share and can be considered as a reliable reference to work on.


This code does not request any further prerequisites than the ones suggested by your container platform of reference. Please refer to their documentation for such information.

Build the image

Be sure that Docker service is running. By placing yourself in container/ directory, you can start building:
$ ./ # if you are using Bash
> ./Make-Tarball.ps1 # if you are using PowerShell

$ docker build -t iodsim:latest .
Make-Tarball/ is a script that compresses local source code in order to be deployed and compiled on the container. This source code will be compiled against the most recent ns-3 revision by cloning it from git repository. This process is done automatically.

Container usage

`waf` has been set as the container entrypoint. This means that a ``docker run `iodsim` will automatically call `waf`, not the shell. For this reason, you are subject to *waf* command line interface, on which you can call your scenario with `docker run iodsim:devel --run my-test-scenario` or invoke *waf* shell using `docker run iodsim shell`.

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Thanks to: Aurora, Christian, Daniele & Piero