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Giuseppe Piro


Professore Associato in Telecomunicazioni presso il Politecnico di Bari
Dipartimento di Ingegneria Elettrica e dell'Informazione
Gruppo di Ricerca di Telematica
Indirizzo: v. Orabona, 4 - 70125 Bari (Italy)
Tel.: +39 080 5963324
Fax: +39 080 5963410
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Giuseppe Piro is an Associate Professor at “Politecnico di Bari”,Italy. He received a first level degree and a second level degree (both cum laude) in Telecommunications Engineering from “Politecnico di Bari”, Italy, in 2006 and 2008, respectively. He received the Ph.D. degree in Electronic Engineering from "Politecnico di Bari", Italy, on March 2012. His main research interests include quality of service in wireless networks, network simulation tools, 5G cellular systems and beyond, network security, Information Centric Networking, nano-scale communications, Internet of Things, and Software-Defined Networking. His research activity is documented in more than 70 peer-reviewed international journals and conference papers, accounting for more than 4500 citations and a H-index of 26 (Scholar Google). He founded 5G-air-simulator, LTE-Sim, and NANO-SIM open source projects and he participates (or participated) to many European H2020 projects (including GUARD, symbIoTe, BONVOYAGE, and FANTASTIC-5G), as well as in the Apulia Israel joint Accelerator (AIJA) project. He covers the role of local investigator of the PRIN project no. 2017NS9FEY entitled “Realtime Control of 5G Wireless Networks: Taming the Complexity of Future Transmission and Computation Challenges”. He is regularly involved as member of the TPC of many prestigious international conferences. Currently, he serves as Associate Editor for Internet Technology Letter (Wiley), Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing (Hindawi), and Sensors (MDPI).

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